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 How to Delete Undeleatable Virus?

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PostSubject: How to Delete Undeleatable Virus?   Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:48 pm

How to Delete Undeleatable Virus?

Sometimes, our trusty anti-virus can detect but can't delete a virus because it is currently running or it's been loaded in the memory and can't be deleted. This is one of the most frustrating thing that can be experienced when working with viruses.

Luckily, there is a simple tool that can be used to get rid of those viruses called KillBox. This tool will try to kill and delete the file, and if it can't, you have the option to instruct KillBox to delete the virus file after the system rebooted.

KillBox is standalone, meaning you can easily use it on any system that you need to manually delete a virus reported by your anti-virus program but failed to delete. It is advisable to have it on your small usb thumbdrive so if ever you'll come in a situation that you need to delete a virus, you won't just bang your head on your computer monitor.

To use KillBox, just launch KillBox and browse for the file reported by your anti-virus program and choose "delete on reboot". Then reboot your computer. The file should have been deleted when your systems boot.

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How to Delete Undeleatable Virus?
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