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 Put a background on your USB drive

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PostSubject: Put a background on your USB drive   Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:22 pm

Put a background on your USB drive

Step 1:

Copy this code to ur text editor or notepad,then save it as "desktop.ini"


VeBRA sources - don't delete the tag above, it's there for XXXXX purposes -


Step 2:
Put "desktop.ini and your_picture.jpg in ur USB Drive then Hide it if you want.

Refresh or re-insert your USB flash drive..and enjoy with new background...

heto screenshot ko sa memorycard ko...

NOTE: Working on windows xp only

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Posts : 343
Join date : 26/06/2009
Age : 38
Location : Philippines

PostSubject: Re: Put a background on your USB drive   Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:23 pm

You can also edit the font color by replacing the FFFFFF in the IconArea_Text="0xFFFFFF"

Try nio nalang kasi some description are wrong.. sabi ng isa black daw pero orange pala.. hehehe

FFFAFA "snow"
F8F8FF "ghost white"
F5F5F5 "white smoke"
DCDCDC "gainsboro"
FFFAF0 "floral white"
FDF5E6 "old lace"
FAF0E6 "linen"
FAEBD7 "antique white"
FFEFD5 "papaya whip"
FFEBCD "blanched almond"
FFE4C4 "bisque"
FFDAB9 "peach puff"
FFDEAD "navajo white"
FFE4B5 "moccasin"
FFF8DC "cornsilk"
FFFFF0 "ivory"
FFFACD "lemon chiffon"
FFF5EE "seashell"
F0FFF0 "honeydew"
F5FFFA "mint cream"
F0FFFF "azure"
F0F8FF "alice blue"
E6E6FA "lavender"
FFF0F5 "lavender blush"
FFE4E1 "misty rose"
FFFFFF "white"
000000 "black"
2F4F4F "dark slate gray"
696969 "dim gray"
708090 "slate gray"
778899 "light slate gray"
BEBEBE "gray"
D3D3D3 "light grey"
191970 "midnight blue"
000080 "navy"
6495ED "cornflower blue"
483D8B "dark slate blue"
6A5ACD "slate blue"
7B68EE "medium slate blue"
8470FF "light slate blue"
0000CD "medium blue"
4169E1 "royal blue"
0000FF "blue"
1E90FF "dodger blue"
00BFFF "deep sky blue"
87CEEB "sky blue"
87CEFA "light sky blue"
4682B4 "steel blue"
B0C4DE "light steel blue"
ADD8E6 "light blue"
B0E0E6 "powder blue"
AFEEEE "pale turquoise"
00CED1 "dark turquoise"
48D1CC "medium turquoise"
40E0D0 "turquoise"
00FFFF "cyan"
E0FFFF "light cyan"
5F9EA0 "cadet blue"
66CDAA "medium aquamarine"
7FFFD4 "aquamarine"
006400 "dark green"
556B2F "dark olive green"
8FBC8F "dark sea green"
2E8B57 "sea green"
3CB371 "medium sea green"
20B2AA "light sea green"
98FB98 "pale green"
00FF7F "spring green"
7CFC00 "lawn green"
00FF00 "green"
7FFF00 "chartreuse"
00FA9A "medium spring green"
ADFF2F "green yellow"
32CD32 "lime green"
9ACD32 "yellow green"
228B22 "forest green"
6B8E23 "olive drab"
BDB76B "dark khaki"
F0E68C "khaki"
EEE8AA "pale goldenrod"
FAFAD2 "light goldenrod yellow"
FFFFE0 "light yellow"
FFFF00 "yellow"
FFD700 "gold"
EEDD82 "light goldenrod"
DAA520 "goldenrod"
B8860B "dark goldenrod"
BC8F8F "rosy brown"
CD5C5C "indian red"
8B4513 "saddle brown"
A0522D "sienna"
CD853F "peru"
DEB887 "burlywood"
F5F5DC "beige"
F5DEB3 "wheat"
F4A460 "sandy brown"
D2B48C "tan"
D2691E "chocolate"
B22222 "firebrick"
A52A2A "brown"
E9967A "dark salmon"
FA8072 "salmon"
FFA07A "light salmon"
FFA500 "orange"
FF8C00 "dark orange"
FF7F50 "coral"
F08080 "light coral"
FF6347 "tomato"
FF4500 "orange red"
FF0000 "red"
FF69B4 "hot pink"
FF1493 "deep pink"
FFC0CB "pink"
FFB6C1 "light pink"
DB7093 "pale violet red"
B03060 "maroon"
C71585 "medium violet red"
D02090 "violet red"
FF00FF "magenta"
EE82EE "violet"
DDA0DD "plum"
DA70D6 "orchid"
BA55D3 "medium orchid"
9932CC "dark orchid"
9400D3 "dark violet"
8A2BE2 "blue violet"
A020F0 "purple"
9370DB "medium purple"
D8BFD8 "thistle"
EEE9E9 "snow2"
CDC9C9 "snow3"
8B8989 "snow4"
EEE5DE "seashell2"
CDC5BF "seashell3"
8B8682 "seashell4"
FFEFDB "AntiqueWhite1"
EEDFCC "AntiqueWhite2"
CDC0B0 "AntiqueWhite3"
8B8378 "AntiqueWhite4"
EED5B7 "bisque2"
CDB79E "bisque3"
8B7D6B "bisque4"
EECBAD "PeachPuff2"
CDAF95 "PeachPuff3"
8B7765 "PeachPuff4"
EECFA1 "NavajoWhite2"
CDB38B "NavajoWhite3"
8B795E "NavajoWhite4"
EEE9BF "LemonChiffon2"
CDC9A5 "LemonChiffon3"
8B8970 "LemonChiffon4"
EEE8CD "cornsilk2"
CDC8B1 "cornsilk3"
8B8878 "cornsilk4"
EEEEE0 "ivory2"
CDCDC1 "ivory3"
8B8B83 "ivory4"
E0EEE0 "honeydew2"
C1CDC1 "honeydew3"
838B83 "honeydew4"
EEE0E5 "LavenderBlush2"
CDC1C5 "LavenderBlush3"
8B8386 "LavenderBlush4"
EED5D2 "MistyRose2"
CDB7B5 "MistyRose3"
8B7D7B "MistyRose4"
E0EEEE "azure2"
C1CDCD "azure3"
838B8B "azure4"
836FFF "SlateBlue1"
7A67EE "SlateBlue2"
6959CD "SlateBlue3"
473C8B "SlateBlue4"
4876FF "RoyalBlue1"
436EEE "RoyalBlue2"
3A5FCD "RoyalBlue3"
27408B "RoyalBlue4"
0000EE "blue2"
00008B "blue4"
1C86EE "DodgerBlue2"
1874CD "DodgerBlue3"
104E8B "DodgerBlue4"
63B8FF "SteelBlue1"
5CACEE "SteelBlue2"
4F94CD "SteelBlue3"
36648B 36648B "SteelBlue4"
00B2EE "DeepSkyBlue2"
009ACD "DeepSkyBlue3"
00688B "DeepSkyBlue4"
87CEFF "SkyBlue1"
7EC0EE "SkyBlue2"
6CA6CD "SkyBlue3"
4A708B "SkyBlue4"
B0E2FF "LightSkyBlue1"
A4D3EE "LightSkyBlue2"
8DB6CD "LightSkyBlue3"
607B8B "LightSkyBlue4"
C6E2FF "SlateGray1"
B9D3EE "SlateGray2"
9FB6CD "SlateGray3"
6C7B8B "SlateGray4"
CAE1FF "LightSteelBlue1"
BCD2EE "LightSteelBlue2"
A2B5CD "LightSteelBlue3"
6E7B8B "LightSteelBlue4"
BFEFFF "LightBlue1"
B2DFEE "LightBlue2"
9AC0CD "LightBlue3"
68838B "LightBlue4"
D1EEEE "LightCyan2"
B4CDCD "LightCyan3"
7A8B8B "LightCyan4"
BBFFFF "PaleTurquoise1"
AEEEEE "PaleTurquoise2"
96CDCD "PaleTurquoise3"
668B8B "PaleTurquoise4"
98F5FF "CadetBlue1"
8EE5EE "CadetBlue2"
7AC5CD "CadetBlue3"
53868B "CadetBlue4"
00F5FF "turquoise1"
00E5EE "turquoise2"
00C5CD "turquoise3"
00868B "turquoise4"
00EEEE "cyan2"
00CDCD "cyan3"
008B8B "cyan4"
97FFFF "DarkSlateGray1"
8DEEEE "DarkSlateGray2"
79CDCD "DarkSlateGray3"
528B8B "DarkSlateGray4"
76EEC6 "aquamarine2"
458B74 "aquamarine4"
C1FFC1 "DarkSeaGreen1"
B4EEB4 "DarkSeaGreen2"
9BCD9B "DarkSeaGreen3"
698B69 "DarkSeaGreen4"
54FF9F "SeaGreen1"
4EEE94 "SeaGreen2"
43CD80 "SeaGreen3"
9AFF9A "PaleGreen1"
90EE90 "PaleGreen2"
7CCD7C "PaleGreen3"
548B54 "PaleGreen4"
00EE76 "SpringGreen2"
00CD66 "SpringGreen3"
008B45 "SpringGreen4"
00EE00 "green2"
00CD00 "green3"
008B00 "green4"
76EE00 "chartreuse2"
66CD00 "chartreuse3"
458B00 "chartreuse4"
C0FF3E "OliveDrab1"
B3EE3A "OliveDrab2"
698B22 "OliveDrab4"
CAFF70 "DarkOliveGreen1"
BCEE68 "DarkOliveGreen2"
A2CD5A "DarkOliveGreen3"
6E8B3D "DarkOliveGreen4"
FFF68F "khaki1"
EEE685 "khaki2"
CDC673 "khaki3"
8B864E "khaki4"
FFEC8B "LightGoldenrod1"
EEDC82 "LightGoldenrod2"
CDBE70 "LightGoldenrod3"
8B814C "LightGoldenrod4"
EEEED1 "LightYellow2"
CDCDB4 "LightYellow3"
8B8B7A "LightYellow4"
EEEE00 "yellow2"
CDCD00 "yellow3"
8B8B00 "yellow4"
EEC900 "gold2"
CDAD00 "gold3"
8B7500 "gold4"
FFC125 "goldenrod1"
EEB422 "goldenrod2"
CD9B1D "goldenrod3"
8B6914 "goldenrod4"
FFB90F "DarkGoldenrod1"
EEAD0E "DarkGoldenrod2"
CD950C "DarkGoldenrod3"
8B6508 "DarkGoldenrod4"
FFC1C1 "RosyBrown1"
EEB4B4 "RosyBrown2"
CD9B9B "RosyBrown3"
8B6969 "RosyBrown4"
FF6A6A "IndianRed1"
EE6363 "IndianRed2"
CD5555 "IndianRed3"
8B3A3A "IndianRed4"
FF8247 "sienna1"
EE7942 "sienna2"
CD6839 "sienna3"
8B4726 "sienna4"
FFD39B "burlywood1"
EEC591 "burlywood2"
CDAA7D "burlywood3"
8B7355 "burlywood4"
FFE7BA "wheat1"
EED8AE "wheat2"
CDBA96 "wheat3"

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Put a background on your USB drive
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