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 How To Validate WinXP - 100% Genuine Permanently

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PostSubject: How To Validate WinXP - 100% Genuine Permanently   Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:01 am

How To Validate WinXP - 100% Genuine Permanently

This is a tutorial to show how you can validate WinXP 100% Genuine permanently. Obviously, you’ll require a pirated copy of WinXP for this work, preferably a non-OEM version (’XP Pro’ works great). After making WinXP ‘genuine’, it even works with MS programs that require validation, such as Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), Windows Media Player (WMP v11) and Live Messenger. You’ll also be able to visit the Microsoft Download Center and perform "Windows Updates", just like any paying XP customers would!

Basically it’s just a wonderful keygen that somehow makes serials that work and validate. Here’s how you do it.

1. Visit this_link or google to download the file.

2. Unzip all the files in the above *.ZIP file to a folder of your choice.

3. Open "Windows XP Keygen.exe", and be sure to select Windows XP Pro VLK from the dropdown list, and press the "Generate" button. Leave this keygen running.

4. Open "keyfinder.exe". There you will see the key that WinXP is using right now:

5. In the keyfinder, go to the "Change Windows Key" in the Option menu:

6. Copy the key you generated with the keygen (from Step 3) into the "CD Key" box in the keyfinder. To do this, you’ll need to ‘copy’ each 5-character sequence into the keyfinder from the keygen, as shown below. Once done, click "Change".

7. Open "wga-fix.exe". If a popup comes up, simply click Yes, don’t worry about the unreadable language.

8. Viola! Genuine Windows! Open "MSADiag.exe", press Continue to verify, and enjoy!

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How To Validate WinXP - 100% Genuine Permanently
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